Profile of Yukie
The multi-instrumental music player who plays a flute, an ocarina, quena, various flutes including the bamboo flute. I participate in a performance for drama, the many recording, concerts during university attendance at school more.
In the Brazilian music, it is 3 degrees visit to Brazil. I am developing original music to a base in choro.
In addition, by the plan for children, I am active as an older sister of the songs of flute &.
In '99 1st album "I LOVE BOSSA" "Sentimental city" (NUSS record)
In August, '02 2nd album "my in the summer / E MEU VERAO" (Fairy Land)
In December, '06, I release third album "AMOROSA" of the Rio de Janeiro recording
In April, '07, "a flute has been able to have a flute book in no time"
(Shin Coe music) release
In January, '09, I release album "hello Wolfgang" (DCM) with an ocarina and the guitar
In August, '11, it releases "the first ocarina lesson" (do-re-mi publication)
In '12, I appear for ocarina Festival for the phone loss in Korea
In July, '13, I release participation unit, 1st album "LANCA PERFUME" of LANCA PERFUME
In March, '17, flute, ocarina and double release an album of the 10th anniversary of the organization of Duo unit Cucule
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